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Intro to Nail Stamping Online Nail Art Workshop #7

$85.00 AUD

Let Talia be your Nail Stamping Coach! 

Talia has over 15 years of nail stamping experience and wants to teach you to stamp too!

This workshop is non-brand specific so we will work with a variety of nail stamping plates, tools, polishes and techniques to get you using what you already have in your existing collection!

NOTE: Talia will show you techniques to make any stamping products work BUT Talia mainly uses Clear Jelly Stamper stamps and polishes regularly for her designs. 

$55cad (reg. $75cad after May 9th)

Workshop will be available online on May 9th to take at your own pace and when it works best for your schedule. 

Workshops never expire

In this workshop, Talia will teach you:

  • Deep dive into best practices for working with nail stamps, polishes and tools
  • Detailed product knowledge to make any stamping tools work
  • Proper technique for polish application, scraping, stamp lifting and placement
  • Proper pressure for stamping
  • Troubleshooting errors during application
  • Basic Layer techniques
  • BONUS: Intro to Watercolour Stamping Demo

Talia encourages you to use the nail art items you already have in your collection for this workshop but a shopable supply list will be sent out with what Talia uses in the workshop as well

  • Access to a private Facebook group to discuss the workshop and ask questions
  • List of all products used with shop-able links
  • Unlimited Access for views

Nail Art Products to have on hand for the workshop:

(Talia will go over her preferred products but will also show you how to work with what you have)

  • Nail Stamps: Swirl, Floral, Character/Person/Animal
  • Nail Stamper
  • Nail Scraper
  • Acetone and wipes
  • Stamping Polishes: White, black and ideally a sticky polish but Talia will go over some techniques to make any polishes work