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Talia's Press on Nail Process

Talia only offers custom fit press on nails. This means that each set is made to order and custom fit to your natural nails as best as possible
  • Talia recommend starting with a sizing chart first so we can get your best nail fit
  • Once you know your nail sizes, place an order for the booking that best suits your press on nail needs.

    Talia offers 6 booking options
  1. The “I know what I want” booking is for people who would like a specific theme, color or nail design. Talia will work with you to come up with exactly what you’re looking for
  2. The “Talia’s Choice” booking is for people who are open to multiple nail ideas or themes but want Talia to come up with something unique after a consultation of options
  3. The “Talia’s Mystery” booking is for people who want a complete surprise based on ideas Talia wants to create
  4. The "Character" Nail booking is a unique listing where Talia can design something based on some of your favourite characters, movies, tv shows, books and more!
  5. The "Simple" booking is for people who are looking for a simple nail look with minimal nail art.  Talia will work with you to come up with exactly what you’re looking for
  6. The "One color bundle" is for people who would like a variety of more simple nails where the only customization is the top coat options
Please reach out to Talia via social media, email or contact on this website if you have any questions about what to book and Talia will be happy to direct you to the best option for your needs
  • Once your booking is placed, Talia will reach out to you to get more information about exactly what you're looking for via email. Then your order will be put into her que for completion. (Currently sitting at a 1-3 week processing time from when Talia receives your sizes)
  • When your nails are up for creation, Talia will chat with you via instagram (or email if preferred) where she will send you a custom Pinterest board for inspiration for your nail sets and to ensure she is on the correct track for your design
  • After your order is done, Talia will send you a finished photo
  • Talia tries to record most of her nail sets for social media, so watch for your sets to be shown and created online in the weeks following your order