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Bridgerton Inspired Crystal Workshop PRESALE

$41.00 USD $56.00 USD

*This workshop is available for PRESALE and will be online to view through thinkific on July 18th, 2024*

If you are captivated by the prints and patterns of the Series Bridgerton and are looking for inspiration on how to incorporate these beautiful patterns and colors into nail designs, this workshop is for you! 

Talia will show you how to work with a variety of nail art mediums to create some background for your crystal embellishments to sit on top of!

Talia LOVES working with crystals and 3D embellishments to add some sparkle to nail designs and this workshop will go over crystal types, crystal sizing and how to apply them to nails to get them to last. This workshop will be done on short/medium length nails to create more wearable crystal clusters for every day wear.

$55cad (reg. $75cad after July 18th)

Workshop will be available online on July 18th to take at your own pace and when it works best for your schedule. 

Workshops never expire and can be re-watched as many times as needed

In this workshop, Talia will teach you:

  • Deep dive into crystal sizing to know what fits best on nail lengths
  • Application techniques for working with crystal gels to adhere crystals to nails
  • How to create unique backgrounds for your crystal clusters to sit on
  • Crystal colors and how to choose them for your nail designs
  • Troubleshooting errors during application
  • Talia’s go to crystal products and application techniques to make your crystals last
  • BONUS: Talia will show you two ways to incorporate crystal nails learnt into nail sets for wearable designs

Included in this Workshop:

  • 10 unique nail art looks with detailed real time instructions
    • 10 Patterned Nails inspired by the patterns and prints in 19th century fashion w/ crystal clusters added
    • 2 BONUS demos of how Talia would incorporate the nails into a full set
    • Nail art used in the workshop includes Art Inks, Foils, Stamps, watercolour, loose glitters, dried florals, nail stamps, nail flakes and more!
  • Talia encourages you to use the nail art items you already have in your collection for this workshop but a list of all products used in the workshop with shop-able links will be provided
  • Access to a private Facebook group to discuss the workshop and ask questions
  • Unlimited Access for views
  • Workshops never expire

Nail Art Products to have on hand for the workshop:

(Talia will go over her preferred products but will also show you how to work with what you have)

  • Nail Stamps: Swirl, Floral, Lace, Filigree images
  • Nail Stamper
  • Nail Scraper
  • Acetone and wipes
  • Stamping Polishes: White ideally a sticky polish but Talia will go over some techniques to make any polishes work
  • Chrome powders
  • Crystal gel - Talia will be working with Ugly Duckling Schtik It, Glitter Mix Canada Crystal Gel and Koko and Claire Crystal Gel
  • Bouillon Beads

Many nail supplies Talia uses is available at DK Beauty Supplies. Please use code TALIA to save 10% off (some exclusions apply) https://bit.ly/33FeGJL

Talia gets a lot of her crystal supplies from Canada Nail Supplies. You can use the code TALIA15 to save 15% off at Canada nail supplies (some exclusions apply) https://bit.ly/3xBu0vY